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All company solar water services are available for a reasonable prices. We do both panel and tube services by using chemicals and modern tools. Services are essential  to maintain your solar smooth and work efficiently. so contact us to service your solar water heater and give life to it…



We supply all company solar water heaters like Supreme, Anu, solarizer, Racold, Disol, V guard, Mitra, Tata and other company solar are available for dealers price only(low cost). We also giving 5yrs and 10yrs warranty on new solar systems.

Spare parts


Spare parts like solar tank, heater coil, Panel tempered glass, solar tube, bottom caps, New panels, solar stand, vouchers, panel pipe and other accessories are available.

solar products

supreme solar

Supreme delivers the high pressure required for all your modern bathroom shower panels. Extended life of more than 20 years, Low maintenance & Eco friendly. Save 70% Electricity. 10 years Guarantee. Now a days supreme solar is rapidly sold outing product among solar systems due to its highly efficient performance, system life, quality, low space, low price etc so order now, contact us.

anu solar water heaters

Anu Solar is a MNRE approved Channel and maintains high quality and standards. Is ideal for soft water applications and can give an expected life of 25 years provided water quality is excellent. Flat Plate Collector Solar Water Heater is sturdy in design.

racold solar system

Smart Float – The solar water heater has a unique float valve tech patented by Racold that eliminates long air vents to ensure safe usage, particularly in high wind velocity areas. Suitable For Hard Water – The solar water heater is suitable for hard water applications up to 1000 PPM, 500 Chloride and 6.5 to 7.5 pH. Racold water heaters are known for excellent water heating performance. Because they employ a high-quality material for constructing geysers. Be it titanium enameling for storage heaters or be it using high-grade AZ-sheet for solar heaters.

Tata power solars

Fighting climate change. Water heating accounts for 17 percent of a typical home's energy use. ... Protecting air quality. Many additional homes use electricity to heat their water. ... Protecting water quality. ... Monthly savings. ... Increased home value. Energy from the sun doesn't cost anything, so no charge from electrical utilities is needed.

solarizer solar heaters

Solarizer Heat pump water heater consumes less electrical energy. ... COP of heat pump more than 3.8. ... Magnesium anodes and powered anode. ... Enamelled Tank. ... Reliable and long-lasting. ... Quick after sales service. ... Application: Domestic Range of heat pump Water Heaters can be used in.

nuetech solar system

You are using free energy! ... Solar thermal panels take up less space than solar PV panels. ... They are efficient. ... They are cheaper to install than solar PV panels because you only need 2-3 panels. ... You save money on fuel bills. ... They lower your carbon footprint.

Quick Service On Emergency Call - 24/7

Quality services by best technicians , modern equipment, chemicals and branded new solar water system, spare parts, etc..

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